Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heaven's Hug

I woke up this morning to the rumbling sound of thunder.  It's not just raining, either; it's pouring. Ah, spring in West Michigan:  cold, snow, hail, rain, a bit of warmth, then *wham* summer.   It's a really, really good day to stay home.

Thunderstorms always (yep, always) remind me of God's promise to Noah.

C.A. Van Til

Flashes of lightening crossed over the plain
Echoes of thunder cold driving rain

Strong trees were weakened bent with the force
Water rose higher, killed all in its course

Unholy screaming of nature destroyed
Earth lost its grip fell into the void

On all He'd created God's fury lashed out
Omniscient Creator - of that was no doubt.

All mountains below, peaks, valleys and hills,
Four-legged, flying, living feathers and gills were

dead in the deluge that covered the land.

Demons on Earth fled to hell whence they came
God's power soon halted their cruel tempting game - 

None left to torture, to lure or to kill
Only God's faithful were saved at His will.

Noah, his family and two of each kind
Animals were spared, beloved in God's mind.

Two of each creature in mercy God saved
Sheltered with peace the wild behaved.

Forty days later silence returned
From God's holy hand man's lesson was learned.

Slow dripping of water soft rushing of wind
The ark floated gently cradled living within.

God wiped the Earth clean swept evil away
Did no injustice ~ for his sin man did pay.

In His love for His people God promised that He
Would not flood Earth again 'tho sinful it be.

In remembrance of promise His bow He did place
To color the heavens:  a stunning embrace.


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