Monday, May 27, 2013

On Memorial Day we remember those who serve and defend our country.  My Dad was proud to be in the US Navy and passed along his love of the sea to me.

He used to sing, "I went to sea to see the world; what did I see? I saw the sea."  Always got a laugh.

So, to all who have served and are serving our nation ~ Thank you!   

C.A. Van Til

 Nineteen years since I
was warmed by your smile,
heard your laughter,
touched a t-shirt-clad shoulder,
shared peanut butter cups,
       caramel corn, British comedy,
asked for a father’s advice,
wrangled over a point of
   Reformed doctrine.

         My heart permanently shifted,
         Dad-shaped hole now misty
         where’s that picture?

Death is merged into my being,
a part of the present me;
tears have slowed but memories
torrent in my mind, trace
anxiety and comfort.

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