Monday, May 27, 2013

Make Believe

The loss of innocence is a sad and sometimes devastating thing.  Whether it comes through the process of aging or it's beat out of us through abuse, innocence is gone for most of us.

Local news agencies scour the globe looking for bad things to air:  earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, war, explosions; the list goes on and on.  And in today's technological world, we get to see it all in color.  Long gone are the days of handwritten letters sent home from war.  Our need for information - now! - has trampled over any remaining remnants of innocence.

I'm not advocating we all live in a Pollyanna world and attend a fund raising bazaar every weekend (who wouldn't want a slab of that cake?).  There needs to be a balance of staying in touch with the world yet remembering that we as Christians are living before the throne of God and our security is in Him.

We are called to a child-like faith.  Not a shallow faith, but a child-like one that wholeheartedly loves and trusts God.  He is our Rock; the One Who will never abandon us or let us down.
C.A. Van Til

Fairytale endings and storybook schemes
sparkle on pages dance within dreams

misty-eyed children untouched by this life
make believe dances no thoughts of the strife.

Youthful illusions fade as the sun
burns bleak reality into each one

bravely attempting to stand through the glare
barely recalling what was believed there.

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